Friday, March 29, 2024

New product

Gounsesang launches makeup brand ‘Heal Us’ for the first time


Gounsesang Cosmetics introduced the makeup brand Heal Us.


Heal us pursues comfortable healing. The slogan was ‘Breathing Beauty’. This means keeping the skin in a natural breathing state.


The representative product is the ‘Breath Glow’ collection. It consists of 3 types: cushion, foundation, and concealer.


These products apply as lightly as breath on the skin and provide a clear, transparent moisture glow. Completed a test to increase breathability, which allows air to pass through the skin. Contains Holy Basil™, independently developed by the Dermatological Research Institute, to soothe the skin.


‘Breath Cushion Glow’ contains 70% essence. You can experience a clear, moist glow. It was developed with YouTuber Dear Jerry, who has 620,000 subscribers.


‘Breath Foundation Glow’ spreads smoothly on the skin. Expresses a transparent glow that shines subtly from multiple angles.


‘Breath Concealer Palette’ corrects skin tone and hides blemishes. Covers skin imperfections and completes smooth makeup. It comes in a neutral color that looks good on anyone.


Gounsesang Cosmetics offers a 53% discount on 3 types of Breath Glow at Naver Smart Store until the 24th (Sat).