Thursday, April 4, 2024

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CFCO obtains patent for ‘Dokdo barley tree’ composition

The key ingredient is the barley tree native to Dokdo and Ulleungdo... Played a role in spreading the name ‘Dokdo’ around the world

CFCO Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Ki-jeong), a cosmetics licensing, import, and trade consulting company, obtained a patent on the 7th for an external composition for skin using Dokdo Elaeagnus machophylla Thunb. as its core ingredient.


This patent, which came to fruition through the research and development activities of CFCO Co., Ltd.'s corporate research institute, is for a composition for topical skin use using barley plants that grow naturally in Dokdo, and has the following benefits: △ preventing skin wrinkles △ improving elasticity △ strengthening skin moisturization △ improving sebum production, etc. It was evaluated that its differentiation and value were recognized.


The barley tree, also called 'spring barley tree' or 'spring barley tree', grows well in coastal areas and has silver-white and light brown scaly hairs on its small branches.


In particular, the barley tree used in this study is significant in that it was possible to complete the application by including the name 'Dokdo' in the patent name by mainly using plants that grow naturally in Dokdo and Ulleungdo.


CFCO Co., Ltd. holds as clients large domestic companies such as Samsung Fashion, Shinsegae International, Hyundai Department Store, and Lotte GFR, as well as global cosmetics brands such as Lush, Wella, Sephora, Bvlgari, Celine, Coty, and Clarins, and provides consulting services. In 2016, CFCO's affiliated research center was opened and operated.


It already has a history of listing many Dokdo-related ingredients in the International Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary (ICID).


CFCO Co., Ltd. said, “By obtaining a patent for a cosmetic composition for the Dokdo barley tree, we have created an opportunity to promote the proper noun ‘Dokdo’ (DOKDO) to the global cosmetics industry,” adding, “K-Beauty’s “I believe that the fruits of research activities such as these can make a ‘small but meaningful’ contribution to global expansion and expansion of influence,” he added.